Breakast / Lunch

The first week of school - please make sure your child eats breakfast at home before coming to school; also please send in a healthy lunch for those days as well. Forms will be sent home if you choose to order breakfast and/or lunch. It is important that you keep track of the days you have ordered breakfast. The monthly lunch menu you fill out will be photocopied and sent home so you have a refrigerator copy. Menus are available online also.

Breakfast - breakfast can be ordered for your child to eat in school but cannot be brought from home. Breakfast is 15-20 minutes, so please make sure your child arrives promptly at 8:50 so he/she has enough time to eat. If your child arrives late to school, please make sure your child eats at home as any leftover breakfast is collected by the cafeteria.

Lunch - After washing hands and using the bathroom, each child sits in their seat and has to wait for every child to have their lunch before we begin to eat. Using the cue "Bon appetite, now you may eat" a timer is then set for 32 minutes. Children are reminded to eat throughout lunch but once the timer goes off, the children will clean up. Then we prepare a read aloud and then rest time. It is important that lunch be healthy as we want to encourage good eating habits. If your child orders lunch, please do not send in a second lunch. A small snack in addition to the ordered lunch is acceptable. Remember to peel/cut up all fruit; we do not have access to knives and if your child's lunch requires a fork or spoon, it is the parent's responsibility to pack them. -