Monthly Family Projects


Every month or so, we will ask your family to participate in creating a project with your child. We will send project sheets home with instructions. The project should be guided by your child, and the family should work together to produce the final creation! The projects are not "graded". They are simply fun and exciting for the children; and designed so the child can bring a little bit of home to the classroom! The school/home connection is so vital at this tender age. The children are always so proud to share their family creations with their classmates! Thank you so much for your participation. We look forward to seeing your child's creative imagination come to life!


2016-2017 Family Projects

September: Family Picture 
October: Build Your Own Scarecrow
November: Disguise the Turkey
December: Holiday Tree Plate
January: Create Your Own Space Object
February: Multicultural Person
March: Create a Rainbow out of unusual materials
April: Trash to Treasure